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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I hate Mondays 

Yesterday was not a good day.

Got up, 3s's all that stuff, said goodbye to Rae and went down to the car.... Flat tyre.

Put on the spare and got cleaned up.

Drove to work thinking there must be a bit of grease on the left lens of my specs. Got into work and went to clean my specs to discover that the lens had fallen out.

Realised that I had my t-shirt on back to front.

Broke the build at work for the first time ever. Though that wasnt really my fault.

Went out to lunch and got a smoothie.... spilt most of it down my t-shirt.

Couldnt go to the gym as I had to get the tyre fixed.

Couldn't work out some code for myself.

All in all not a good day.

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