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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Wurzels once more 

Well it was that time of year again. August Bank Holiday Weekend so it must be the THE WURZELS

Rae's friend Anna came down to visit as well and there were a few Aussies around. This is important as it increases the culture shock value when you get people who have never seen or heard anything like it before. Last year was the best when Bevan and Bridget had just arrived in North Perrott and very nearly went straight back to New Zealand after seeing an OAP drop his trousers on stage and moon the audience.

To be honest it wasn't as good as last year, perhaps I am getting used to it. Its essentially the same joke (except they are not joking) all the time.

There were not even any spectaculary drunk people this year as well. Having said that we left slightly early and avoided the huge fight at the end, another traditional feature though this years was particulary good apparently.


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