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Thursday, July 07, 2005

google earth is fantastic 

Just downloaded google earth and gave it a whirl. It is completely amazing. I have played with the Nasa World Wind and the Ordanace survey mapping / ariel photo apps quite a lot recently. They both have their uses but for the sheer inventiveness and combination of features Google is brilliant. When they get all the overlays working on the rest of the world its going to be even better.

If you look at on this site now you will see a link to subscribing to my geotagged flickr photos. I will be geotagging this blog now as well as del.icio.us bookmarks as well which will be added into google earth as well when I work out how to do it. It seems that anything that can have a latitude and longitude applied to it will be able to be viewed on Google Earth.

Then add in Googles search and see the results displayed on the satellite photos! Then zoom in on Manhattan island and see the building rendered in 3D. Zooming from one bookmarked place to another with the globe spinning around beneath you. Seeing cars parked on the road in London. This is the best bit of software on my laptop.

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