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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

getting all geeked out for the trip to Canada 

Now its my turn to do the planning stage of things. I will be spending the evening tonight inputting the location of the hotels and places we are going to visit into my GPS. Even though it doesnt have a road map its still got that big arrow pointing in the right direction. Thats really handy on a grid layout of streets as you can use the spiral round triagulation method of finding things that you can use in some games like GTA. You just drive in a random direction and seeing how the arrow moves. Then turn at 90 degrees in more or less the direction of the arrow and keep repeating until you sort of spiral in towards the location.

Got the photo tank working as well so we can just dump images onto that and not worry about memory cards running out on the camera. Got email working on the mobile as well.

Tonight we are going to go over everything in detail just to make sure we get it all right.

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