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Monday, June 06, 2005

A typical day at home 

home setup
home setup,
originally uploaded by rob_cornelius.

Obviously I use my home set up for many more purposes than the work set up.

Gaming is easy. I will be using the larger Mitsubishi monitor and the 5.1 headphones plus the logitech mouse. Mostly I play FPS games with GTA for variety.

General web-surfing and passing the time can get complex. Normally I use windows for this at the moment. This means multiple monitors of course. Across them will be spread multiple firefox windows, IM windows, Winamp, Thunderbird windows and maybe a window for a DVD if I am really bored. Sometimes if things get too cluttered I even use virtual desktops as well.

When I am doing LAMP work I may be either using the laptop or I might well use the linux machine on the screens. Increasingly I like to use the server as just that though. If/when I get another machine its likely to go headless and sit in a corner somewhere. Then the Windows box becomes a linux box and the new machine is the windows box. Or maybe I will get a cheap box with a good graphics card as a linux desktop machine. That would mean getting a USB dual monitor KVM and they are not cheap. I might just use one of those software KVM and keep what I have.

For LAMP I use VIM for writing my code. Firefox for most of the testing and IE when I feel like it. I also use MySQLs own query and admin tools. I used to use phpMyAdmin but not so much recently. These get spread across a couple of monitors. I run everything in less than full screen generally.

For doing graphics work its windows and Photoshop CS2 all the way. Then I get out the Wacom tablet and generally have the bridge on the small monitor and PSCS2 on the main monitor.

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