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Monday, June 27, 2005

Canada vs. Seaton 26th June 2005 

Canada vs. Seaton 26th June 2005
Canada vs. Seaton 26th June 2005,
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Canadas cricket team have been touring the south west of England. Their final game was at Seaton in Devon. As Rae is Canadian we had to go at watch a few overs. Shame I couldnt get to blag one of the quite spiffing Canada shirts


It was a beautiful day on Sunday. Rae had most of the day off and we had known that Canada were on tour and playing Seaton for ages thanks to cricinfo.

So we decided to go off for a very nice lunch at the Cotleigh Arms and then wend our way down to Seaton. (I wasn't lost honest)

To be honest I have no idea of the score. The Canadians were in the field and seems they were not doing too bad. They had a couple of Carribean expats that were pretty lively bowlers. Seaton had a pretty good batsman in who when he was offered the chance would spank them to the boundary none the less.

We didn't stay to watch the end of the game so I have no idea who won but as some Canadian batsman were batting for Seaton and the crowd was talking about "letting them have another go" I don't think the game was going the Canucks way.

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