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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Another thing that really annoys me 

I was walking through Bath today to see if my phone is done being repaired. (6 days and counting) Its not possible to walk more than about 100 metres in the center of town without someone accosting you trying to get you to part with some cash.

Today it was ActionAids turn for the charity donation type people. Yesterday it was Friends of the Earth, tomorrow it will be Banardos or Age Concern or someone. Thats on top of the normal Big Issue sellers, buskers or out and out beggars (though there are a lot less of these in the center, they all hang around sainsburies now)

Actually it is mainly the charity collectors I dont like. They are all so fucking perky. They want to be your friend and make your day just that little bit better for talking to them. Their dream job is presumably a greeter / have a nice day person in some shop. I swear you have to be on drugs to be that cheerful all the time to people who would happily punch you in the face if they thought they could get away with it. Its only hundreds of witness that stops them. Probably very few people would actually complain if someone did slap one of them on the other hand.

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