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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

thank heavens for the adblocker extension 

I read the daily dilbert cartoon religiously and have several of the books. Over the years I have become more annoyed with Scott Adams though. He is obviously selling out at every chance he gets.

Today I visited the dilbert site to find a good 80% of the browser (I keep my browser sized to 800x600, as some of ingentas customers still have 10 year old monitors / graphics cards) obscured by a DHTML "pop-up" for some dumb messenger smilies.

I very quickly added http://*.interclick.com/* to my adblock black list as this is where the offending content comes from.

I dont think I have ever been so annoyed with an on line ad in years. Scott Adams has lost just about all my respect. I thought he dilbert was meant to be anti-corporate and here he is selling out in the most obvious way.

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I concur! I thought I had picked up a worm when I tried to read past strips and ended up in a full-page interclick ad. In addition to adblocking interclick.com, I mapped the name to a local address in my hosts file.

Mr. Adams should do a series on pointy-haired bosses who make their web administrators create sites that annoy and drive away their paying customers.
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