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Sunday, May 08, 2005

location, location, location 

I am going to have to get a camel hair coat and Rae will need some very silly high heel shoes and a posh accent.

We have spent the weekend helping Raes brother Julian and his wife Heather house hunt around Portsmouth. They are over here for 3 years starting in the summer while Julian is posted here on a cross posting from the Canadian navy.

Julian has never driven in the uk before so we spent quite a lot of time saying "look right". When a guy on a motorbike went by us on the motorway doing about 130 you should have seen them jump!

We looked at a few houses and drove around a bit to give them some practice. Hopefully we managed to give them a few pointers for looking at houses. They have a pretty good budget so they can afford some pretty amazing places. Hopefully they can get something sorted out this week.

Its going to be really great for Rae to have close familly on this side of the Atlantic.

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