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Friday, May 06, 2005

have you noticed how some repair people are psycic 

Another of my pcs died last night.

My brother was able to diagnose the problem (duff hard drive again) by just listening to the drive and observbing the light flashing on the case it seems. Admittedly its his job to do such things but its still amazing.

I have seen it before with car mechanics and the like. They become so finely attuned to the stuff they work on and know all the potential problems that they seem to be able to pull together the tiniest clues as to whats wrong with something to diagnose a fault and fix it. I was talking to one mechanic once who claimed that the smell of the exhaust from the engine could tell you a lot.

I once saw a programme about steel making where the guy in charge of the big machine could tell the exact ratio of the elements in the steel by the colour of the flames it was giving off as it was being poured out of the big hot pot thing. He was as acurrate as any chemical analysis done in the companies lab.

This is not something you learn. Its experience.

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