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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Had the day of work, Yay! 

Rae's brother and sister-in-law have got their house sorted out so they came down to Perrott hill for the day.

I was owed some time in liew from work so I had the day off as well. It was really good too.

! had a lie in then FINALLY managed to finish the level in Need For Speed Underground that I have been stuck on for about 3 weeks. Then I blasted through about 10 over levels before I am stuck on the same level run backwards. Oh dear.

When Julian and Heather showed up we gave them the guided tour of the school and stuff then went up to Winyards Gap for lunch. Sadly lunch wasn't too special there but we were very late getting there.

After lunch I scared then a bit by driving far too fast down some very narrow lanes back to the school. Then once we had another chat They followed us down to the main road as they got a little lost of the way here.

It sounds like they have managed to get a really nice place as well. We get to visit as well!

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