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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Hopefully my own personal it set up is getting better 

We can now get a any to any VPN connection through the crappy linksys box. Its a start. Now tomorrow I will put the new hard drive into the linux box and put on a new OS. I think it will be either Mandrake or Yoper. Yoper looks really promising from what I have seen so far. It seems to take the good bits from several different distros and mash them together.

Once thats done I will have to get the wireless card working on this laptop and then I can connect wirelessly anywhere. I will have a webserver on the laptop for when I am not connected but apart from that I will be using the remote machine for all my own personal work.

The only thing we could get to do a VPN connection through the linksys box was something called Green Bow VPN Client. This seems to be just fine and even works through most firewalls. All the other VPN software we have tried just barfs the linksys box.

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