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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Finally got RSS sorted out for the blog

I had all the paths muddled up and now it all works.

It was promted by something Leigh was talking about. He has dreamed up a way of integrating RSS feeds from flickr, del.icio.us or anywhere else you feel like and turn it into a time line.

Each RSS element becomes a blob on the line. Mouse over the blob and up pops a box with text, image, whatever

It might not be time based. It could be pics of a journey you make regulary ordered geographically along the line and then ordered by time so you can see changes in time and place.

He is going to do it all in SVG as its more flexible and scalable than trying to do it in HTML/CSS. I did have a few ideas for doing it in HTML/CSS but SVG will be far more scalable. Imagine uploading 20 pics to flickr that were taken within minutes. If the time line streched for months they would be impossible to display properly. With SVG you could have a zoom function. Its horses for courses.

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