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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Who the hell do I vote for?

The governments anti-terror bill is a one of the most moronic piece of legislation in the world. To my mind it is simple. If you cannot prove a man is guilty then he is innocent. If he is innocent then you cannot take away his liberty.

This law destroys everything that the rule of law and justice stands for. What is worse I am a committed socialist and therefore vote Labour (not that the two have much in common any more). Now these so called "socialists" are introducing laws that if they were introduced in any other country Ammesty International would be kicking the door down to complain.

The trouble is that the opposition are so spineless or just plain crap there is no one else worth voting for. My local MP didn't even bother turning up for the key vote in the commons. Just like most of his party even though the professed to hate the bill and do anything to stop it.

There better be some changes.

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