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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The skins stuff at work is going really well.

I have created three skins in less than a week. Only one of them is 97% finished though. The others can be whipped into shape fairly easilly.

Keith created a really good templating system and its one of those things that the more you look at it the better it gets.

Hopefully its going to make life a lot easier for producing custom versions of the site as well a WISes (which are custom versions of part of the site).

I also had a look at the Bobby report for the front page of the site. I reckon with about a days work I could get AAA status for the front page at least. The rest of the site wouldn't be that far behind either.

Getting AAA would be amazing. I dont know many really complex layouts that can get such a high rating. Most really accessable sites tend to be really plain and dull.

Perhaps I should work on the accessability of this site for some practice...

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