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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Rae isn't too well

I rang Rae yesterday from work and she said she felt like she had a golf ball in her throat and was in bed. Its not like her to complain of feeling ill at all anyway.

When I got home she said she was feeling better but was still looking pretty unwell to me. I went to get some ice cream and she could barely swallow it even after I reduced it to a liquid in the microwave. Then I checked her temperature and it was sky high.

Time for the doctor...

Now in times gone by I could have rung Rae's doctor at home at any time and he would have made a descision on what to do and I would have either taken Rae to him or he would have visited. Those times have gone. I had to ring the "Somerset out of hours doctor service" who asked me a load of questions that were irrelevant. They then pass the details on to NHS direct who promise to call within 2 hours. They then decide if you can get an appointment with the duty out of hours doctor and then ring back again when they make one for you.

It took some polite but firm insistance on my part that I wanted to take Rae to a doctor ASAP and that she isn't pregnant, and doesn't have any symptoms of menigitis etc. etc. etc. she just need some anti-biotics.

Anyway, she has lots of Penecillin now and is tucked up in bed.

Get well soon honey.

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