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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Humans are not meant to multi-task

Well this one isnt.

Got into work yesterday and was greeted with the 6-monthly mess that is Eclipse CVS after the change into or out of British Summer Time. This should all work fine but we have never sorted it out properly. Whilst I was at it I decided to "standardise" my environment by removing some odd symlinks which were having strange effects. Then at the same time I decided to install Eclipse on my linux machine all at the same time.

Of course I didnt do a particulary good job of any of it. It has taken me the best part of a whole working day to sort out. I managed to bugger up my entire work environment and loose work (thank heavens for backups).

On the plus side I did learn quite a lot about how Eclipse works, CVS and stuff like that. I was shown how to do all this over a year ago now and not surprisingly none of it sank in.

John has been relatively patient in helping me with all this stuff and deserves quite a lot of the credit really

Next time I will fix one thing at a time

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