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Monday, February 07, 2005

This is getting beyond a joke

Two weeks ago I was working on my laptop. When I shut it down and put it aside I heard a nasty rattling noise coming from inside. I popped out the battery and gave it a good shake. Eventually a tiny little metal screw fell out of the machine.

"Oh dear thats not meant to happen" I thought or words to that effect.

Well the machine is less than 6 months old so I got hold of the warranty repair people. It also picked up a nasty scratch on the case that might as well get fixed at the same time

Initially they were great. They arranged for it to be picked up that day. I was a little worried when they rang to tell me they couldn't find which screw was missing on the outside of the case. This is after I carefully explained that the screw had come from the inside of the case. I pointed out that I have a screwdriver and could have fixed a screw from the outside myself.

Last Monday I figured that they had a week to work on it and I rang to ask when I could get it back. I was told the screw was fixed and they were waiting for a new case. I told them not to bother with the case as it was only cosmetic and I just wanted the lappy back.

By last Thurday I was getting impatient. So I rang them again. I was told once more that they were waiting for the case to get fixed. I repeated that I didn't want the case fixed and please could they give me a date for delivery. They promised to ring me back with a date.

What a surprise. By the time I was leaving work for home they had not rang me back. So I rang them. I was told "We managed to damage the case when we opened it. We have to do that when we open any case as it sort of clips together". I asked when the new case would arrive and was told "No idea, some of our parts come from Taiwan you know".

Now bearing in mind that if you know you have to break the case every time you open one up wouldn't you have a few in stock....

I was told "feel free to ring on Monday for a progress report.

I just rang them. "We have opened the case and we are trying to work out which screw is missing"

In other words they have done nothing at all for two weekes while they waited for a new case to turn up.

I will be ringing at least once a day until I get this sorted. I am on holiday not far from their base next week so if all else fails I will pop round for a word or two.

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