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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Well its getting there

I am sat in the staff room of Rae's school with a wireless connection writing this. Its working but its slow as hell. I have poked around myself and it looks like the network routing is all to hell. It takes 10 hops or more to get out of the local network. Still its a start. The other bad thing was when I tried to connect up UT2004 and it wouldnt let me. There is some sort of firewall thing going on there.

Tomorrow this lappy gets linux on it. Either fedora core 3 or Mandrake 10.1. It depends on weather the AMD 64 version of Fedora had downloaded yet at home. If not I am going with Mandrake as I am more used to that but I dont have the 64 bit version. Also on the slashdot I see Win64 is coming along. This could be interesting.

And shock horror I have installed Eclipse on this machine and a php plug in and was writing some code in it. In fact I have hardly fired up vim on this machine at all. The times they are a changing.

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