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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Not sure if this is a big idea or not

I was looking at some php patterns and general web design patterns in general and was thinking about design patterns in HTML/CSS. It seems to me that I face a series of common problems when laying out pages. These range from the simple basics such as colouring an area of the screen to acheiving a complex layout through the combination of several layout techniques each of which is a "pattern" in itself.

Recently I spent some time working in pure HTML trying to get a perfect "header, 3 columns and a footer" layout working properly. I spent far to long trying to reinvent the wheel devloping a new method to layout the pages. Eventually I had something that would work perfectly in IE due to the rubbish way it handles floated content.

Of course the pefect implementation of this problem is at the float tutorial. If I had recognised the problem quicker I could have turned 2 days work into a morning and done some very high quality work without having to show my boss something pants.

I am going to have to think long and hard about this and look around to see if anyone else is thinking along the same lines

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