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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Happy new year.

It was a bit quiet really but that was good. We spent the new year with Rae's boss having a wonderful meal and quite a lot of champagne. Of course it was a little quiet as we put on the tv news to get the exact time and they had a piece on the tsunami. Its almost surreal watching some of the footage on the tv. One piece that brought it home was a series of satellite pictures that caught the tsunami as it was hitting the beach in Sri Lanka. There were three shots one a few seconds before the wave hit. One that actually had the wave hitting the beach and then a few seconds afterwards. It was amazing to see the water surging hundreds of meters inland and then sweeping out in giant whirlpools and eddies.

All of the science masks the human tragedy. Hundreds of thousands have lost their lives. Many people will never know what happened to their families or have bodies to bury. Now of course disease may kill many thousands more. I can only hope that this helps pull the international community together and gets some greater cooperation between countries and within countries like Sri Lanka.

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