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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Bleeding IE part 23234234

We have been working on a feature for the ingentaconnect site that allows institutional admins to add in their own branding. For a price of course. It means developing a way of letting users put as much stuff as they want in the header of our site. Everything else has to move down the page gracefully.

To do that I had to put all the existing content in another reltaively positioned div that sits below the new content. The next problem was that a lot of the content on the site such as menus and the div containing the main content for each page is absoutely positioned. So it was a too far down the page now leavinga nasty gap. "Easy enough, use a negative top margin" Thats fine for Moz/Firefox. But IE messes up the relative positioned content inside the absolutely positioned divs. It either puts them in the wrong place or mysteriously draws the borders of the divs twice.

The only way to do it was to include yet another css file with the templating system that moves the absolutely positioned stuff in the new div up the right ammount.

A lot of work and a lot of panic. The deadline was today. For something that sounds so simple to the marketing department.

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