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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Another nice relaxing weekend.

Spent the entire of Saturday morning in bed... which is always good.

Been reading Battle Royale and is scares the hell out of me. I remeber reading Lord of the flies when I was younger but this is something else. Its very Japanese as its incredibly violent and treats the violence as almost normal. The way it describes the weapons in great detail is freaky too. Its kind of wierd. I play games like Half Life 2 or Doom3 and dont even blink when I blow a characters head open with a shotgun. Reading about similar levels of violence is a really scary experience.

Its like when I watched American History X That film scared the life out of me. That was violence and racism right out there in full view and it really shook me up.

I have Battle Royale on DVD now as well. I wont be watching it till I finish the book though.

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