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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Nearly there

will this nightmare of having to go to work when I should be out drinking never end?

At least we had the work xmas party a couple of days ago so we could sort of do both at once. The main problem with it was that the big boss came down for it an insisted on giving us a pep talk before we went. That cost us a whole pints drinking time at least. Some people said the food wasnt too special but what I had was ok. As good as you can expect under the circumstances.

At least I have finally got all the presents bought but havent wrapped any of them. Then again how do you wrap a clothes drier. Hopefully we get most of the afternoon off tomorrow so I can sort that out then.

It looks like the weather will be good over xmas as well. Lots of long walks with a stop over in the pub are in order I think

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