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Monday, December 06, 2004

Just this once I was actually sort of pleased to get some spam

A long time ago I set up a gmail account. I have never told anyone apart from 2 close friends the address. I have certainly never made the address public on line.

I have just been sat waiting for spam to arrive. Purely to see how long it would take and what the first spam would be.

And the winner is.... a delightful email from Karina Winslow who is offering me a really cheap deal on OEM software.

Congratulations Karina you win todays star prize!

At least gmail flagged the message as spam

The google AdSense links on the page were all for dodgy OEM cheap deals as well.... interesting

Just noticed something very odd indeed. My gmail address has a dot in the part before the @. The to address of the spam doesnt but is ok in every other respect. Yet I still got the mail.... time to contact gmail

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