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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Well India is equally amazing, annoying or scary all at once.

I dont think that Goa is representative of all of India though. This is really the costa del india in many respects.

Its the level of scams and exploitation of the tourists around here that amazes me. Every day an elephant is lead by a group of "holy men" up and down the main road. If you take its picture etc they demand 500 Rupees. About 5 pounds sterling. These guys are not holy men at all they are just con men. Its totally illegal to own an elephant in Goa. The noise of the traffic (which is constant and lots of horns non stop) drive the elephant deaf. The hot tarmac is really bad for its feet... the "holy mn" dont feed it properly... I could go on. Its not hard for the local police to spot an elephant. Its even easier for them to take a bribe to look the other way when its coming down the street though.

The other big thing is the Russians are trying to take over a lot of hotels. And by Russians read Russian mafia. They will love it here... Money talks just like it does in Moscow and the climates definately better... even in the Monsoon.

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