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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Well I dont quite know what to make of India

I think that Goa is pretty schizophrenic.

The main parts are now not to dissimillar to a spanish resort and the old hippy hang outs are basically very pretty but very very dull as every seems to sit around drinking bang lassis all day.

What is really annoying is the hordes of Kashmiri traders trying to flog any old tat they can to you. "come and look at my shop... make small business" I dont want to sound like some sort of imperialist but what I earn in a morning would buy the entire stock of their "shop" as its basicaly a patch of ground with some jewelery and stuff on display. Real silver... my arse.

The only way to avoid these people and the sunglasses sellers etc. is to stay in the hotel grounds as they have private security to keep everyone else out. Then you mig0t as well be in a prision camp though.

Full Indian body massages are amazing though!

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