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Monday, November 08, 2004

Its back...

The www.ingenta.com site hase now switched over to ingentaconnect again. That means that its back under the heavy load and hopefully this time things will be ok. There are a few bit of tiding up for me to do with some of the stylesheets. Some minor inconsistencies between some of the stylesheets that make a few pixels appear in the wrong place one in a while. Nothing serious but it annoys the hell out of me.

I would have liked to get on with doing this this morning but Eclipse threw a wobbly on me. It said every file on my server was outgoing apart from the ones with conflicts that is. No reason for it what so ever that I can see. I know I did a syncronise with the server before I left work on Friday and everything was well. I booted up this morning and now this. Just brought my development server back up and its screwed. It looks like the site map file is done for.

Trouble is everyone else is really busy with the cutover and I dont have a clue how to sort it out.

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