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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

It seems pretty stable

The connect site is running pretty well now. In fact its bleeding fast compared to the old one.

I am embarking on a "refactoring" excercise on the sites css. Its all a bit organic right now. It will probably mean more smaller css files but better organised ones. At the moment the pager controls live in 2 separate css files, the css for the search results display, cart, table of contents and saved search pages is sort of simillar and in 4 files. It needs standardising and putting into one file.

Ideally I am going to go through the whole site again one day and change the way I use floats to the final way of implementing it I came up with for the admin pages which were the last to do. These work best in the widest range of browsers. This should also cut out a lot of the hacks I had to use to get around inconsistancies between browsers.

Its the old stand off between lots of little files that are hard to remember or big files that get overly complex.

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