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Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Due to some unforseen errors we have had to cut back ingentaconnect. Its still there and running but we had to reinstate ingenta.com.

There are some performance related problems. Something to do with caching we think. It means sometimes the site really flies and other times it grinds to a halt. Hopefully we have at least identified the problem and we are working towards the solution.

There have not been many major bugs for me to fix so far. Mainly stuff like wording changes and the like. There were some problems with the pager code I wrote just before the launch though but I think I have all those bugs ironed out now. Basically I was in too much of a hurry and didn't test things properly.

There seem to be some issues with IE5 and the floated lists I use to get around the bobby validator. It seems to be putting far too much right padding onto the <li> elements. Hopefully I can find a way to fix this very easilly today. Just found a neat hack to do an IE5 only stylesheet on a mailing list archive here that looks promising.

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