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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Well I have been really productive this morning

So i deserve a break!

I have been churning out JSTL code today. I dont know whats come over me. I have created about 4 JSF pages with loads of custom tags on them and they are all ok I think. Its kind of hard to test them as I dont have the data to go through them or even the right variable names. Its almost like refined pseudo code.

I still dont like JSF and JSTL that much though. Its overly comlicated to my point of view. Well I know the structures are still the same if/then, loops etc but its the insistence on everything being valid XML that annoys me. It means that everything takes so long to type if nothing else. Then again when I was doing some Cold Fusion coding a long time ago I was really pleased that it was tag driven. I seem to remeber saying to someone "I understand tags from HTML"

Of course if I really wanted to I could just use JSP directives and cut out the tags entirely. But that aspect of Java was pants from the start. I mean fancy not having a defined way to implement a loop for pities sakes!

I still say the PHP way of dropping in and out of markup or code makes more sense to me. I now that for others its seems odd to mix up two entirely different languages in such a way but to me it makes sense.

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