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Saturday, September 25, 2004

A lazy day

I have spent the day lazing around with Rachael doing very little indeed. A long lie in followed by getting a cream tea delivered. Mmmmmmm clotted cream >drool< Watched a couple of films on DVD and then went back to bed as there wasnt really much to do.

Being woken up by Rachael giving me a scone and cream in one of the better ways to wake up in the world.

This is such a contrast to the last week. Work was really stressful and next week will be even worse. The release has to be done by the sixth. I have a huge ammount of work to do tiding up everything thats already there. And on top of that there is new stuff to do.

Having a lazy day with Rae is the best thing that could have ever happened right now. Nothing to worry about and nothing to do. Perfect.

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