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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

This is very worrying

Just had a bug report from the latest release of the ingentaconnect site.

One of the pages looks fine in all browsers apart from Netscape 7.0 where it is a complete mess. The page uses floats to get a two column layout and NN 7.0 just ignores them entirely.

As far as I am aware NN 7.0 is supposed to be Mozilla 1.7 with the Netscape/AOL branding piled on top of it. So why does it behave totally differently? Even IE 5.5 gets the page right. This isnt the first time I have noticed minor inconsistancies within the Mozilla familly of browsers. I have even noticed inconsistancies between the same versions of Firefox on Windows and Linux but they were no more than a pixel out. This is completely fubared.

The big problem here is that its impossible as far as I know to use any CSS hiding tricks to get around this. Gecko can work out any CSS rule I have ever come across. The other alternative is browser sniffing either at the client or server end and I dont want to go there as its a waste of time quite often.

Looking carefully at the page it might be a error in the pages markup rather than CSS though. As far as I can tell right now its as if the right column is being ignored entirely. The problem is that my development environment is messed up big time right now so I cant really poke around with it too much.

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