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Friday, August 20, 2004

Baiting PC world staff

We were talking about this in the office today. It seems everyone does it. My favourite is to go into the store and act like you have no idea about computers what so ever. (It was always fun to say you wanted an old iMac because you liked the color). Then just when the assistant is trying to sell you the most expensive usless bit of kit in the shop you just blow him away with far more knowledge about computers that he ever has. This works well when my brother is there as he has more knowledge about hardware than me.

Yeovil PC world is really good for this. The staff there are next to useless and some can be wound up into saying the most rediculous things. I had one pimply nerd claiming to have seen the source code for windows and that large portions were identical to BSD... right down to the comments in the code!

My brother was in Yeovil looking at a AMD-64 laptop last week. He asked if there were any 64 bit operating systems for it. He was told Windows XP home is a 64 bit operating system. Well it must be thats what comes pre-installed on the lappy.

Rae said that when she bought her laptop she went to Yeovil to begin with and even she was annoyed at how crap the staff were there so she went to Taunton instead. And that is coming from someone who knows next to nothing about computers.

Its not malicious really. Buying a computer is a major purchase. You need good advice and its your duty to expose idiots.

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