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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Back to square 1

I spent yesterday converting badly formatted MS-Word documents to html. This is exactly the same as the first html job I had in 1995. At least I was opening them up and hitting "Save as html" in OpenOffice instead of Word itself. That way at least the generated html wasn't too bad.

The quality of the generated mark-up wasn't as good as I would have liked though. Instead of putting a &nbsp; in an empty table cell it put in <P><BR></P>. All the tags are in upper case as are attributes, some attributes are quoted and others are not. Dont get me wrong its far, far better than MS-html but it still needed a lot of editing by hand and regular expressions to tidy it up.

Thinking about my first job in the web field in 1995 makes me realise how long I have been in this game now. Its been a struggle but I have got into a decent job now after working for some very dodgy companies and people. I just wonder what the next 10 years will be like.

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