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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Some days you can go off css

The ingenta connect site uses Suckerfish dropdown menus. Slightly modified to allow more than one menu on the page. The second one doesnt show up too often though, see if you can spot it!

There is something in the css that is messing up the <ul> tags on the rest of the page. At least in IE. I am dammed if I can spot it.

If you don't mess around with anything IE renders the menus fine but the position of a <ul> anywhere else on the page is pants. Try and fix the <ul> and the top menu goes awry. Not the bottom one... thats a clue.

For now there is an ugly hack fix in the developement environment. Just add a class that correct the normal list.

Its probably just a typo but its doing my head in

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