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Thursday, July 08, 2004

IE 5.5 woes

The ingentaselect site uses tabbed menus quite a bit. You have to be a registered user to see them though. I used the sliding doors technique from www.alistapart.com

All was well in IE 6 and Gecko, KHTML etc. Then I took a look at it in IE 5.5. Nasty horizontal scroll bar!

The original version uses float: left and width: 100%. This means IE 5.5 does its usual bug when a div is inside another div and you set its width with a percentage. It takes it as a percentage of the width of the screen instead of the parent div.

After a bit of head scratching and swearing I came up with the following solution.

Put everything in an anonymous div. Then still keep the float on the tabs which you need to make them work anyway but set the width to auto. Then introduce another div with a width of auto and have that float next to the tabs. Give it the right border and all is well.

It adds to the complexity but at least there is no browser hiding.

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