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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

The fine art of swearing

In my office we have developed swearing to an art form. To be fair most swearers are fairly mild. They can sit working away all day barely swearing at all apart from the occasional "bollocks" when they make a typo. Others get more creative. "big hairy dogs cock" was heard recently.

The most fun is the pent up rage and then throw all the toys out of the pram person. They are most likely to be database admins or PL/SQL types. The sort of thing where you type about 10 lines of code hit run, watch it do nothing discernable for 2 hours then the database table runs out of disk space and it all falls over.

This leads to prolonged outbursts of very loud, very creative swearing at everyone within earshot, phoning of sysadmins to shout at them, sending abusive emails to other sysadmins who realised what was going to happen and wisely wont answer the phone and then stamping out of the office and going home early in a sulk. It doesn't happen often but its worth it when it does.

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