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Saturday, July 03, 2004

And I think I am getting fit

I was talking to my father the other day about my grandfather. He died about 8 years ago when he was 90. I always knew him as really fit and strong even when he was in his 70's. On his 70th birthday he jumped a five bar gate just to prove he still could!

Dad told me when Granddad was in his 20s he would run to Buckland which is about 10 miles and probably an 800 foot climb overall, herd up the cows from the fields, run with them back to Shepton on the road. (there wasnt much traffic in those days) Milk the cows, and then play football in the afternoon!

So thats run the best part of a marathon, herding cows half the way, work hard milking them then play a game of football. Every week. In the winter too. And work hard 5 days a week on top of that.

I dont know if I am lucky to be say behind a desk typing all day or not.

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