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Friday, June 11, 2004

OK maybe Suse 9.1 isn't so hot

We had a bit of an install fest here at work today.

I took the Suse disks in from home. Slapped the first one in my machine here. To begin with everything was ok. Then the yast installer didnt get my graphics card right. It sort of detected it but wen into text mode install anyway.

I tried installing the default system, thinking I could build it up from there once everything was ok. "Error installing package kdebase".Oopsie-doodle. Anyone want to know what a base X-windows only system of Linux looks like? I can tell you.

Tried messing around a little then thought "hell to this" and installed Mandrake 10 again. As it was a fresh install and not a upgrade this seems a lot better anyway.

Latest update

Had a good look at the Suse install at home and some of it wasnt working properly. Tried fiddling about with it and made it worse. In the end wiping the machine and installing from scratch did it.

I now have Apache with PHP, mod_perl, Mason, Tomcat and Zope running through it. Is that a record Norris... Norris? Oh he is gone :(

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