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Friday, June 25, 2004

Next beta is out

Well its out of my hands again

As I type this the latest beta of www.ingentaconnect.com is being released. I am keeping my headphones on to avoid the swearing, then again I was turning the air blue earlier.

From my end there is one page that is a mess in IE < 6. Its not brilliant in Moz either to be honest. 3 column layout... one left floated with a percentage width. One width:auto floated right the the third one floated between them with a width:auto. I must have tried at least 4 ways of doing it.

I also had to write some JSTL code for the layout as well. The idea was that the JSP pages would just have the HTML in them and no code to say "if you have this class next to this class do this or else do that". CSS can do this anyway with sibling selectors but IE cant cope with these >snarl<

I had a <div> that may or may not have any content depending on weather the content needs to be there. IE renders whitespace for a <div> with no content whatsoever! So I have to write a bit of JSTL to sort it out :(

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