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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Just tried a new distro - and I like it

Installed Suse 9.1 pro on my linux test-bed machine last night.

First impressionas are excellent. It detected my Matrox G400 card and multiple monitors straight away and ever configured them correctly. This has always been a source of great frustration in the past with other distros. Debian wont get about 640 x 480 resolution on it at all without some major fiddling.

I know its the pro package as well but the range of applications and servers was amazing. Firefox 0.8 and the latest Thunderbird, Java, Tomcat, Perl-Mason, PHP extensions galore, all of KDE 3.3.2 and OOo 1.1.1 plus loads of other stuff I have never even heard of.

KDE is very pretty as well. My next computer purchase will be a Mac purely for the prettyness of OSX but KDE is comeing a close second.

YaST2 is really, really excellent as well. The range of stuff it configures with a pretty interface is amazing. I dont think I will even need Webmin!

Time to put it on the main box I think.

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