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Thursday, June 10, 2004

the future of the web

I am beginning to get more than a little worried about this. I read about things like JSF, longhorns XML based "Rich Web Experience", Macromedias version of the same using Flash, the W3C and others XML based web applications etc etc etc and really worry.

What really concerns me is that <html> is pretty easy to learn really. I could get a complete novice writing a basic page in a few minutes if I wanted to. That is the beauty of <html> it is accessable to as many people as possible. (Thats accessable in the easy to learn sense). The learning curve for something like Flash or XML drived applications is very steep indeed. Special (propriatory) software is needed. You cant just bash it out in a text-editor.

Of course I recognise that static <html> will never serve the needs of even a very small business site or a site that is updated frequently. But it does allow newcomers to get a foot on the ladder.

Anyone with more or less any operating system can write a simple web page and get it on line for no cost what so ever. Even setting up the most basic web-based development environment for a new-comer would be a nightmare. Then wading through manuals, on line docs, newsgroups... forget it.

Then again I guess thats why I am using blogger right now. I dont want to have to go to all of the hassle of writing something simillar for my own site which wouldnt be hard to do even.

Perhaps the future of the web is complicated stuff for "real" developers and blogs that provide an interface for complicated stuff for everyone else.

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