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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Why does java stuff have to be so complex

The one thing I can't stand about Java in general is its complexity.

Not in terms of writing the code. Though that is bad enough. Hello World in Java is how many lines? But in terms of how awkward it is to get anything to work when you "install" it.

If your going to do faily vanilla php on linux you can just install everything from your distribution. Most decent distributions have packages for the more wild and woolly things like php-gtk or php-ldap or whatever. Then it becomes a matter of double clicking a file more or less.

I now work in a java shop. Just getting anything to work is a struggle. We use Eclipse as an IDE and the "expert" took 30 minutes to set it up for me today. Messing around with paths, which version of java, which version of Eclipse goodness knows what else.

and on the server side its worse. All those competing technologies, Struts, JSTL, JSF dont get me started...

Ok sometimes PHP could do with a little more clear direction and something like some aspects of JSF such as automatic validation rules would be great but there seem to be so many competing ways to do things. I have to use JSTL for a lot of stuff now. It includes a set of tags to do XSLT transformations. Every tutorial, manual, FAQ what ever says "don't use them", same for its SQL tags. Why flipping bother coding them!

Do you get the feeling work isn't going to well

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