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Sunday, March 28, 2004

hell to talking about work and html all day.

Anyone who has known me for a while knows I have changed shape a little recently. Over the last year I have lost 35 kilos in weight. Work it out imperial people.

This has actually been the most significant thing I have done in the last 12 months in many ways. I have to say I am more than a little proud of it as well. I havent followed any real program or diet as such. Most of it is due to just being careful about what and how much I eat and putting in a lot of time in the gym.

I used to be relatively fit a few years ago. I had a very active job and played a lot of very active sports. Then I went to just sitting behind a desk typing. And developed a great love of bad food. I did no excercise at all for about 4 years. It was really beginning to show. A bad beer belly and a lack of anything at all in the fitness department.

Now I go to the gym at least 5 times every week. I mix up cardio stuff with weights. I have come to love doing weights especially. Its almost a meditation thing. I find that when I am lifting heavy weights all I can think about is getting it right. It clears my mind of all the stress of the day and it does my body good.

Running is different... Basicaly its so dull. At least at the gym I go to in Bath I can watch the Simpsons on the tv while I run. I used to go to a gym where the treadmills faced a blank wall. In the top corner was a tiny missing bit of plaster... Everyone would stare at it as they ran. Running is good though. Too much weights just turns you into an ape ;)

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